All teachings and meditation techniques are based on “the nature mind”.

The base for a healthy and happy life is a clear and healthy mind. The fundament of positivity, brightness and kindness. The industrialization estranged us from the natural way of living. The adjustment of chemicals and this effect on our environment, also influences our mind.

Sustainability, peace, self support and taking your own responsibility are the base for obtaining knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Patience, determination and trust are the basically principles, that need to be integrated thoroughly, before you can transfer valuable knowledge and

A right view leads to the right interpretation and integration of knowledge and wisdom.


Yogi Lama Choenyi with professor Dr. Paul de Chauvigny de Blot Sj Lic. Ph Professor    Yogi Lama Choenyi with Erica Terpstra
of Business Spirituality Nijenrode Business University

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